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Town of Nackawic



The lake created by the Mactaquac Dam extends all the way to Woodstock. This makes Nackawic roughly the half way point, and a popular place for boating of all types. Since this part of the river is pretty much a lake, the current isn't really an issue. The river is wide though, and Nackawic is on a bend in the river, so wind can be an issue.

Nackawic stream flows into the river next to Nackawic. From Nackawic you can choose to paddle down river, up river, or up Nackawic Stream. The routes we have so far on the website are in either direction across the river at the RV campground. Go to the right and you can go along the shore all the way to Coac Stream. Go to the left and you can go into Nackawic Stream to check out Nackawic Bridge.

While in Nackawic make sure you take the time to go see the largest axe in the world (near the dock). This 50 foot high axe is quite impressive. Around the waterfront, and along the river beyond the axe, you will also find the Nackawic Nature Trail. The trail is a great place to take a walk if you have a chance. It also ends near the Big Axe Brewery.


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Nackawic is about half way between Fredericton and Woodstock. To get to the dock in town take exit 231 on route 2 and turn towards Nackawic. Drive down the hill, under an overpass, and across a bridge. At 1.9 kilometres turn right onto Otis Drive. Drive for 3.8 kilometres and you should see a giant axe on the waterfront to your right (not to be confused with the Big Axe Brewery that you would have passed). Turn right into the arena across from the mall. Drive at an angle to the right across the parking lot. Behind the arena you will find the dock. Just before the dock you will see a place to park.


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