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Mt Creek - Gagetown Island, Gagetown

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Nictau Lake Routes



Nictau Lake is the center piece of Mount Carleton Park (next to Mount Carleton). Nictau Lake is a long narrow lake at the base of Mount Sagamook and the Mount Carleton Plateau. On the shores of the lake is a beautiful new lodge, the main campground (Armstong), and the Nictau Lake cabins. The lake also has a heart shaped island. The island is one of the most photographed scenes in the park from the Mount Sagamook Trail.

There is a point in the middle of the lake that separates the lake into two parts. The point is across from the Nictau Lake camps. There is a narrow pass in front of the camps that is only 50 meters across. To the east of the point is Little Nictau Lake. At the far end the lake narrows in and passes a grassy wetland. Around a small turn in the wetland is the start of the Portage Trail that will take you to Bathurst Lake.


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